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Monday, May 04, 2009

Remember me???

Well Rambling said that I needed to make a new post as it had been far too long, and he was tired of celebrating my birthday for the past 3 months.

I have been busy. I mean BUSY. I have subbed at least 13-14 days each month since January. Now I know that is not alot for you guys that all work full time, but that is a lot for a part time job especially considering that school always seems to have a holiday, staffing, or teachers meeting.

We are taking my earnings and planning a fine trip to Disney. I am very excited and I think that the kids and Rudy are too.

Yin has turned 5!! and my dear sweet Yuri has celebrated his 9th adoption day!!! We have been so very blessed. I won't bore you with storied of their intelligence and wit. LOL!

I have joined Curves because I refuse to be a stuffed sausage in my clothes. I am loosing the 15 lbs that found its way to my gut and my backside if I have to run a mile everyday and exercise for hours on end.

I have been obsessed with all things Tudor, and I wish that these huge novels wouldn't weigh 10 tons. I find them difficult to manhandle.

My dear Rudy is FINALLY done with turn around and it has been wonderful to have him back home with us each evening. He did recieve a promotion of sorts, and will be working in the office until the end of the year. I am so greatful because it gets very hot in full garb out on the units.

Well that is all... for now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today it's my birthday.

All and all it has been a great b'day. 36... It is hard to imagine that I am 36. I always thought that late 30's were old, but I feel the same. It is kinda hard for me to comprehend that in 2 years I will be the same age as my mother was when Rudy and I married. She seemed so much older when I was 20 and she was 38. Time is a funny funny thing.

My wonderful Rudy has showered me with tons of nice gifts a new laptop ( that I have needed for a year, but was too cheap to buy), crown molding for our bedroom (after seeing the beautiful molding at Ragged's and Cynical's I asked for this as the bedroom has had nothing for 9 years and was in need of some molding), a Snuggie, and Inkheart the book.

My children made beautiful cards that I will treasure.

My brother blessed me yesterday with a new nephew and named him after me... William Austin Lee (Last Name). He is tiny pink and perfect.

My brother called at 6:30am from Afghanistan to wish me a happy b'day.

Ragged & Cynical, and Needles & Pilot suprised me with Amazon cards. So new books here I come!!

Nene & Papaw How send us money for a nice meal out.

My parents purchased me several nice spring shirts for work... and I will be receiving my b'day dinner of meatloaf, fried potatos, and lima beans all my favorites soon.

Oh and God gave us inches and inches of snow.

Now if I just had trees and horses for my farm my day would be complete. ;)

I have been so blessed with great friends and family. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

4th Picture Fun

I saw that Farmwife did this and it looked like fun.

Here's the details:

1. Go to the 4th picture folder on your computer.

2. Post the 4th picture in that folder.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag 4 more people.

So I just went to my pics and this was 4 & 4 & 4. This was 2004 and then the 4th file in 2004 and then the 4th pic.

This was our dear, dear Coan and Yuri in the playhouse. Coan was the best dog ever and had to be put to sleep in 2005 because he was full of cancer.

This was a sunny day. He and Yuri were loving each other up in the playhouse. I can't believe how big my baby has gotten.

I tag anyone who wants to do this because I am not sure I have 4 readers. :)

After some checking I saw that I messed this up... no suprise there.

This is the pic that I should have posted. I am not sure if this is Pilot and Needles tent or if it was Ragged and Cynicals... all I know is that was one of the worst and best camping trips ever. We had no power and no water. Both of which are things I NEED. We visited Mammoth Cave and saw beautiful sites.

We also watched two Engineers take 4 hours to set up their tent in the pouring down rain. I am sure that the 6 of use could have had in done with 2 people in about 10 minutes. Ah... Memories.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Moe- cephus

We added to our family today.


He is from the Humane Society from a larger town. We got him from Petsmart. I love Petsmart becuase the only sell aka adopt out Human Society animals.

They named him Moe. We tried about 100 other names and we went with Moe-cephus. We wanted a cat that would be good with the kids. They brought him in the room and sat him down, and he didn't run. He laid down and Yin & Yuri were on him like a bug on a monkey.

Right now he is running around like he owns the place. Yep, he is right at home.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's all too Much

Thanks to my Wonderful BIL and SIL aka... Pilot and Needles I bought myself something that I had been wanting, but not really wanting to buy for myself. I bought this little beauty from Amazon. Here is where I wish I knew how to hide this link with the word Amazon, but alas I am computer challenged. Amazon

ETA: Rudy is Da bomb he showed me how.
I can't wait to get it, and I realize that I am a geek for liking organization books, but it is going to be a new year soon, and I want to live with less, and have more.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cleaning High?

I am on a cleaning high... or was I high to think that I could clean this mess.

We live in a smaller home. I really love our little house, but with two kids that have endless, and I mean endless amounts of toys, clothes, books... well you name it and they have it, as a result we are busting at the seams.

So... We, aka, I decided to do the great room swap of 2008. We have a small bedroom right off the living room that has always been Yin's room since her arrival. We decided we would make that our bedroom. Really a bed, dress, TV & fan and we are good to go. Mind you this room was lime green and pink so... it needed a paint job. Three hours, and viola a beautiful room the same color as the living room.

We asked the kids if they wanted their own rooms or share. They are 9 & 4, and boy & girl, but they opted to share for now. So we moved both their beds into Yuri's old room one side is Star Wars, and one side is pink Princess Ponies. Hey, it works for them. I don't need anyone to tell me that them sharing a room is emotionally scarring them. I shared a room with one of my brothers until high school, and I am normal. I think? Anyway, it won't be forever, but now they are enjoying it.

We are making our old bedroom the playroom/computer room. It is big enough to house the mess, and then when it is trashed I can shut the door never to see the mess again. :) Right. Anyway we have cleaned out 4 huge bags of trash and are working on number 5. I currently have 8 boxes and 2 bags for the consignment store or a garage sale, and 2 bags for goodwill. I still have the organize the play room and sort two of three closets, but they 4 main rooms are clean and neat as a pin.

Tomorrow we are taking the entire day off from the project we are heading to E'ville, and taking the kids to play at Chuckie Cheese, we don't eat there but we like to play. We are NOT going to be dragging home any junk. Maybe, some food from Sam's but really we have no need for anything else.

I will post some before and after photos soon. I am not sure if I have any before one's of Yuri's room, but the after looks nice.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I am a Sub Machine

Okay... I don't think that was exactly the right lyrics, but...I have been very busy subbing at the school.

I really, really enjoy it. Last week was in the Junior High. I was 7th grade English two days, and 7th Math one day. I loved the Math so very much, and my brain felt smarter just exercising it.

On Tuesday I was third in the Am, and in the afternoon I was Yuri's teacher. It was odd in a funny way. He said Mommy, Mrs Mommy, Mrs Our Last Name... What am I supposed to call you? I said Mrs Our Last Name. There is a boy that is Special needs in his class and he said at least 30 times. Yuri you mom is the teacher. Your mom is the teacher. It was funny. He just could not get over it.

I really enjoy subbing, and was very excited to get my first check!! Next week is the Christmas program for both Yin and Yuri- they are at separate schools so it should I will be busy. Rudy will not be able to go because... well his work is a PITA about certain things.

He will be on vacation starting the 19th, and we are heading to his parents house for 4 days. I am sure that the kids will have a BLAST.

One more odd observation- in all of the the junior high class at least 40% did not have pencils and paper? What the heck? I could not even imagine going to class without a pencil and paper. I asked the teachers if it was just a joke on the sub, and they said, no. I was just floored.